Wonderings and Wanderings

"The path may bend, but With God leading us, we'll get home aright."

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Where I spent my Saturday…

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Went fishing with some friends and (since I know a couple of you will ask) no, I did not run into “godly, smart and beautiful fly fishing woman,” but you just never know when that might happen.

I did get to meet the legendary Hugh Hartsell. He was kind enough to wade in alongside me to coach and lend wisdom on “all things trout.” 62 years of fishing on the rivers have taught him much. He’s like the Trout Whisperer or something…

He sent me out with a fly of his own making: the Smoky Mountain Blackbird.

It works if you work it.

The catches were small, but stunning. God’s handiwork, spoken into existence, hovering over rock-lined runs. I know He could have just made them all plain, grey and neutral…

But He didn’t.

He fashioned them for cold mountain pools. He streamlined their bodies for stability and strength. He splashed color and dappled patterns and matched them to their surroundings so that, when motionless, they are almost invisible.

But early this morning, when lowering that first little trout back into the flow of the water, the sun hit him just right. He was ablaze with beauty. God’s infinite creativity on display in a sliver of life held in my palm.

I stopped my movement and literally gasped.

He was gasping for his world, and I was catching my breath having been given a glimpse that same world.

I faced him upstream, gently placed him into the ripples and felt him revive instantly. He left my palm and, one glinting moment later, he became a phantom again.

I straightened up, gazed downstream and considered how a small fish could make me feel very small amid the wonder of it all.

Great day.

Waded a mile of streams.

Tied enough clinch knots so that my fingers will be working them in my sleep.

Learned that if you think you see a strike, react. “It’s always a fish,” says Hugh. If it’s not a fish, and you react, you were just mistaken; if it is a fish, and you don’t respond, you missed a catch.

Found out that many trout will spit out something alluring the very moment they discover it’s fake…which is more than I can say for most humans (myself included).

Discovered if you take the time to correct something before it becomes a bad habit, you’ll progress faster later. Take the time to do it right.

No shortcuts.

No rushing.

Just like life.

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My friend Eddie and I made for the mountain streams today. Only caught a tiny thing, but it was the company, the laughs and the stories that truly mattered.

God’s creation, the sound of the water, the rhythm of the cast, the focus, the peace…

A most splendid afternoon, and well worth repeating…